Management Team

A note from Paula and Nigel Smith (founders of Toad Hall Day Nursery) 

Welcome to the Management Team!

Toad Hall Day Nursery started out following the closure of the nursery our son attended. We had viewed many nursery schools but none matched our requirements or that we simply felt comfortable with. This really was an anxious time for us and without hesitation the seeds for Toad Hall were sown.

Toni and Rachael have been at Toad Hall since we opened in 2002 and both had previously looked after our two boys at nursery and summer camps so we knew them well and wanted them on the team. Although, the best reference came from our own two sons who simply adored them. 

Toni manages the day-to-day running of the nursery and is supported by Rachael. Both are supernumerary and are able to develop the setting, the curriculum, the staff team and have an 'open door' for our parents. They get to know each and every child and spend time in each of our base rooms, not only ensuring the nursery is running smoothly but so that they create and maintain good relationships with your children. They tend to keep the office door open as many children 'on their travels to be changed, getting their coats or going to the toilet' pop in to say hello or show them a picture or even tell them what they are doing. Its all very friendly here and we feel that is important as your child spends so much time with us that we want them to feel at home. 

Toni and Rachael are both proactive in staff development and recognising and utilising staff talents. In turn, the children have interested staff, who provide a stimulating and lively environment for them. As parents, you need to have faith that the staff who are caring for your children are well-qualified and professional which is why we make training accessible for everyone both internally and externally. We are really proud that many of our past practitioners have gone on to be teachers at infant and primary schools. 

So you may want to know what we do?

Paula - I take care of the accounts and some of the administration tasks but of course my favourite role is teaching dancing to your children. This is where I have the most reward as we wiggle, bounce and jump around to our favourite music and seeing the children with huge smiles on their faces is wonderful. During the course of a year we cover nursery rhymes, popular children's songs, go on imaginative adventures and express ourselves which builds your child's self-confidence and aids creativity. 

Having built the nursery, Nigel takes care of the maintenance and can often be found making something, changing a lightbulb or cutting the grass. The children all know Nigel and tend to want to know what he's up to or point him in the right direction of something that needs fixing. 

So very briefly, this is us........... come meet the rest of the Toad Hall team! ............






BA (Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies and Foundation Degree in Early Years and Data Protection Officer




Foundation Degree in Early Years and Safeguarding Officer



Deputy Manager

HND in Childcare Health & Safety Officer, SENCo and Autism Lead