Our food

Healthy eating means healthy minds

We ensure that all children are provided with a varied and healthy diet that contains the correct balance of nutrients to aid their growth and development.   All food provided is fresh and prepared on the premises by our Cooks and we follow the School Food Trust 'Eat Better, Start Better' programme.

A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are essential for young children's health and wellbeing. Our mealtimes are sociable occasions, relaxed and an opportunity not only eat delicious food, but to try new foods and develop a healthy attitude to the foods we eat. We also learn manners and social skills. 

Health is at the heart of our menu and we ensure we have planned each day with a good balance of all food groups. 

Key staff hold current food hygiene certificates and sit with the children and encourage, initiate conversation and make mealtimes fun.Water is offered at every mealtime and is accessible throughout the day. Milk is offered along with water at breakfast and snack times.

Baby weaning is an important time in a child's life as they discover food. We will always follow your babies usual feeding routine under 12 months. Your baby's stage weaning will be discussed with you so we can work together to integrate new foods. 

Dietary requirements for allergies, special needs or cultural/religious reasons are catered for individually with strict measures. Our cooks are highly trained and experienced and will plan every meal with care and attention. 

Our positive approach to healthy food, sociable mealtimes, balanced nutrition and varied, freshly prepared menus encourage healthy little minds and bodies.

Our food is currently supplied by Rayleigh and Fruit and Veg and Sainsbury's with twice weekly deliveries. We also use Makro in Rayleigh. 

Take a look at our menu's below - they really are delicious!! 



Spring and Summer Menu

Autumn and Winter Menu