Badger's Room (2 - 4 Years)

In Badgers Room we have a ratio of 1:4 for 2-3 year olds and 1:8 for 3-4 year olds.

The children enjoy a range of activities to support their learning including role play, construction, creative and of course messy play which seems to be a particular favourite in this room.  

Whilst in the Badger's Room the children begin to develop close friendships through their play and start to become very talkative! At this age children’s imagination is evolving and it will continue to flourish as they get older. Pretending lets your 2-year-old be anyone they want, practice things they have learned, and make situations turn out the way they want.

Getting along socially can be tricky at any age. For example, when your 2-year-old joins the other children in the sandpit to create a castle out of sand, sticks, and leaves, they are not only exploring a fantasy world, they are learning complex, real-world rules about sharing, social interaction, and resolving conflicts.

Throughout the day we spend a lot of time in the garden and we go out in every weather. One of our special moments is splashing in the puddles whilst holding onto our umbrellas as the rain comes down or digging for worms.

This is also the stage in the children's lives where they start to show a readiness for toileting and we support you and your child during this time by continuing the routine you have established at home, or offering advice and guidance when your child shows signs of readiness for toilet training.