Toad's Room (15 Months - 2 Years)

In Toads Room we have a ratio of 1:3. 

This is the room where the children start to develop their own little characters, they are walking and talking and becoming more confident in everything they do. This makes this room a lot of fun as the children are generally into everything wanting to explore and investigate in order to understand the world around them.

Children are supported by knowledgeable and caring practitioners, who encourage the children's developing independence and social skills as they play.

We have created a fun learning environment for the children to explore and discover which can involve getting messy with different materials such as jelly, oats and shaving foam and a range of open-ended resources. This provides a holistic approach to learning and development where the children are having such a great time they don't even realise how much they have learnt until they surprise us by suddenly counting up to ten or telling us their top is blue.

In this room we follow the interests of the children, for example the children recently showed a love for the story 'Monkey puzzle' so the children helped to decorate the room by making fun and interactive wall displays, painting windows and even making our own monkey puzzle book to have in the room for the children to use as and when they wish.