Our Children

Every child is an individual and is encouraged to develop at their own pace in an environment designed to maximise their learning potential and develop their independence. We recognise different heritages and varying abilities amongst children in our care. We value the uniqueness of each child. Learning experiences are both meaningful and enjoyable.

We are all included

We welcome all children and families at Toad Hall. We want everyone that uses the setting to feel welcomed and included into the Toad Hall family. We expect parents and families to be involved in the setting and their child’s learning and development at every opportunity. Our inclusion policy sets out how we will support children with additional needs. This could be, medical needs, development needs or emotional/ behavioural needs. When you sign up with Toad Hall your child's place and sessions are secured until 31st August of the year that they are due to start school. Children start school from the September following their fourth birthday. 

We are loved

Children learn best when they are loved and have a nurturing environment, this is what we set out to give every child that spends time at Toad Hall. Children are given cuddles whenever they need one, they are spoken to kindly and with respect. We take time to get to know you and your child to make sure that their time at nursery is as much fun as it can be for them. It is important that you and your child feel welcomed and at home. All children are invited to attend settling in sessions two weeks before their start date. These are a time to get to know you and your child and you are welcome to stay with them, transitions are individual to you and your child and at your first settling in session your key person will discuss this process with you.

We are encouraged and challenged

We will support your child’s learning and development through play activities that are designed to engage them through their individual interests. We have high learning expectations of all children but do not believe that children will reach their full potential if pushed. Children need to grow and develop in their own time

in an environment that will continually support and challenge them at their own level.  

Your child will have a ‘learning journey’ which documents their learning and interests at the setting and at home, that we encourage you to contribute to. Key people will track your child’s development under the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These records serve as an essential update for you of your child’s development and the partnership between parents and the setting are nourished.

We have certain expectations and boundaries in place to help children to develop socially and children are rewarded for good behaviour.

We have fun

During the day, children may choose from a number of fun and stimulating adult focused and child initiated activities to encourage their exploration, learning and play through interest and discovery. Activities range from cooking, dancing, singing, story-time, imaginative play mark making, to a wide array of arts & crafts projects.

We recognise the enjoyment and learning opportunities provided by the outdoor environment. During every session, children are encouraged to explore the outdoors enjoying activities in our well-equipped, secure garden complete with pavillion, sandpit, balance beams, play houses, climbing frame with clatter bridge, slide, climbing wall and tunnel. We also have our own planting area complete with child-size green house and potting shed where we grow our own fruit and vegetables.

Outings are arranged throughout the year from visiting the theatre to going to the zoo. We also go on local walks within the community and these include visiting the park, garden centre, greengrocers to name a few. We also have regular activities at the nursery from outside companies such as Jack of All Sports who teach a wide array of different sports for our children in Moles Room each week. We have at various times a visiting zoo, singing and musical instrument sessions plus much much more so that the children get to experience a wide variety of activities during their time with us. 

  • Settling in

We welcome all new children to a trial session along with parents and siblings. During your child's first few weeks you will be welcome to stay to settle him / her in. We also encourage you to arrive early at the end of your child's session / day and spend some time with your child in the Nursery. Children enjoy showing their parents around their room, showing you what they have played with, where things are kept or that the picture on the wall belongs to them helps build their confidence in their new surroundings.